A 3-Ton Place in Yr Heart is the continuing experiments of artists and multi-instrumentalists Ted Hayes and Matt Boyle: exploring the interplay of the acoustic and the electronic, the cinematic extents of drones, and the immanence of death.

pqr024. A 3-Ton Place In Yr Heart: Stan Breakhage (2011)

A 3-Ton Place In Yr Heart: Stan Breakhage


Stan Breakhage: an experiment in visual breakcore; a live demixing of structuralist filmmaker Stan Brakhage's 'Dog Star Man,' controlled by custom software that manipulates the film the same way it manipulates the music: cutting, chopping, repeating, recombining the image and the sound into a discontinuous filmscape.

The result is a 3-part sequence of ambient drones, cinematic elegies and crushing periods of rhythmic noise that shift and dissolve into each other, auralizing an enigmatic, Lynchian world of wet black roads and abandoned factories.


0x73DB07, Stan Brakhage

Track Listing

  1. Stan Breakhage I [7:05]
  2. Stan Breakhage II [7:03]
  3. Stan Breakhage III [5:58]
A 3-Ton Place In Yr Heart — Stan Breakhage II
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