Improvised laptop, electronics, and found objects collective out of Göteborg, Sweden, with a debt to Stockhausen, AMM, Autechre, and an inflatable life jacket Eugene stole from a airplane.

pqr006. Flexing Swine: No Knorr for Christmas (2004)

Flexing Swine: No Knorr for Christmas


DIY Electronics by Alex Berman, Brian House, Sue Huang, Alex Jensenius, Eugene Kim, Gabor Papp, David Popovits, Pierre Proske, Sonny Koroschetz, and Annie Wan

Track Listing

  1. Måndag [9:29]
  2. Tisdag [10:28]
  3. Onsdag [10:29]
  4. Torsdag [9:39]
  5. Fredag [10:04]
  6. Lördag [10:32]
Flexing Swine — Fredag
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