In partnership with Oakland's Mountain Landis Record Label, Palanquin is proud to announce the digital re-release of the first album by Brooklyn's Gateway Evening Colours. Culled from a series of dark jam sessions, these six tracks feature Colin Langenus (USAISAMONSTER) on elastic guitar, Nate Davis (Knifestorm, Unchained) on guitar and gruesome electonics, Alex Farrill (ex-Dirty Projectors) on heavy-foot drums, and Brian House (Multitudes) on deep bass. The music reaches frenetic heights indebted to works like Peter Brötzmann's Machine Gun, Peter Green's The End of The Game, and Fripp/Eno's Evening Star. Don't lose your sea legs in the heavy water.

pqr015. Gateway Evening Colours: Gateway Evening Colours (2008)

Gateway Evening Colours: Gateway Evening Colours


Colin Langenus (guitar 1, 3, 5), Nate Davis (guitar/electronics 2, 4, 6), Alex Farrill (drums), Brian House (bass)

Track Listing

  1. Vibration [21:21]
  2. Green [4:31]
  3. Machine [3:18]
  4. Powder [6:33]
  5. Toast [11:15]
  6. Blueberries [21:45]
Gateway Evening Colours — Machine
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