The artist Dwayne Wilson operates through the River, a fluid narrative comprising audio and video material on VHS which he constantly reworks, collages, and augments through documentary excursions and late-night jam sessions. Palanquin convinced Wilson to release a snapshot of his work as Hippie Hop Freedom, which shows this idiosyncratic talent in top form as a lo-fi, electric griot for his community in Denver, CO. More of Polymyx can be found on YouTube. LINK

pqr005. Polymyx: Hippie Hop Freedom (2003)

Polymyx: Hippie Hop Freedom


Produced by Dwayne Wilson

Track Listing

  1. Marshmallow [5:25]
  2. Hippie Hop Hideaway Park [9:33]
  3. Wingless [4:22]
  4. Fuel [5:17]
  5. Art (Officially Flavored) [4:25]
  6. Time 2 Grow... [2:19]
  7. Sweet Baby [6:07]
  8. SOS [7:16]
  9. Metropolish [6:50]
  10. Belly Dancer [6:10]
  11. ...Another Size [2:04]
Polymyx — Wingless
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